Iwakuni Language Exchange


Hi guys! How are you doing?

This is Rio from Iwakuni Language Exchange.(Iwakuni LE)


By the way, do you know what language exchange is?
Language exchange is usually done by two native speakers.
For example, I (japanese) want to learn English and you want to learn Japanese. In this case, I teach you Japanese and you teach me English.
Does it make sense? :)


Language exchange is getting popular these days. I actually have joined one when I was in Toronto.
For keeping my English skill,I was looking for Language Exchange group after came back to Japan from Toronto. I thought there were language exchange group in iwakuni since we have a military base.
But I found out that there was no Language Exchange group here in Iwakuni. So I made one myself !
If you want to learn Japenese or English, love meeting new people, please come to join us! I'm looking forward to seeing you.


Lastly, I would like to mention about this blog.
I'll share about information about Iwakuni LE event,Japanese language,and Japanese culuture in this blog!
Please check out my blog when you have time :)